Sunday, September 10, 2006

Salaat Time

A very good freeware for Muslims. Read on to know its features.

Salaat Time is a freeware that displays your local time for salaat / muslim's prayers. You can easily select your location and the freeware will display the salaat time for your area. You can opt to make Salaat Time recite the azan as a reminder, signalling that the prayer time had appproached.

Check out Salaat Time features below:-

  • Variety of azan - you can select either azan recited from the mosque of Mecca, Madina or Aqsa. You can select a different azan for each of the prayers.

  • Qiblah direction - a compass will display the correct direction of the Qiblah for your location.

  • Important Islamic dates - let Salaat Time reminds you of the important dates in a Muslim calendar for you.

  • Selected surahs / ayaats - you can also listen to selected surahs / ayaats from the Holy Quran.

  • Auto startup - auto startup makes every installation easier. This one is optional for your convenience.

Prayers are one of the most importamt aspects of a muslim's life. Salaat Time definitely helps in knowing the right time for the prayers, 5 times a day.

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