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Sunday, August 27, 2006


To really find out which files are the biggest consumers of your hard drive space, with visual representations, choose SpaceMonger.

What really differentiates SpaceMonger with other freewares of its type is that SpaceMonger will display file sizes with graphical boxes. The bigger the files or folders, the bigger the box will be. The birds eye view of your entire hard disk are possible now with SpaceMonger. Just by looking at the interface, you will instantly know which files to delete / move in order to conserve hard disk space.

SpaceMonger features:-

  • Ease of use - choose a hard drive to scan, wait for a few minutes and a visual view of your hard drive contents will appear.

  • Density settings - you decide the depth of the view that you want. If the view looks too cumbersome, lower the density a bit.

  • Display colors - you can choose the color themes for your folders and files.

  • File tasks - you can choose to open and delete a file directly from SpaceMonger.

Some people love texts, some love pie charts and some love graphs to get an idea of something. If you prefer pie charts, you can check out my review on JDiskReport.

or you can proceed to download SpaceMonger here

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