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Monday, August 07, 2006


If you ever want to secure a file containing your precious data, you may consider encrypting it with a freeware. Encrypting a file means that you make a file secure by making it unreadable until you decrypt it with a password or some other ways of decryption.
If you are looking for one freeware to do that, Omziff is one of the best choice.

Omziff features:-

  • File encryption, of course - encrypt your files easily by choosing an input file, an output file and key in a password. As easy as ABC.

  • Password Generator - useful for system administrators who can't think of any secure passwords

  • File shredder - make deleted files unrecoverable by splitting it with this tool.

  • File splitter - split big files to make file transfer easier

  • File appender - append a few files into one, make sure you tell me if you are using this feature. I can't think of how will i benefit from this :(

As you are reading the features above, you will notice that Omziff is not just a file encryption utility. You will find multiple usage for Omziff. Moreover, Omziff doesn't need to be installed. Unzip it and walla, its ready to serve.

Download Omziff from

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