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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Folder Marker

Pulling hairs because of a cluttered desktop? Too many folders, can't find which one that you are looking for? Read on, I will tell you about a freeware that can help you get through this.

Imagine marking a folder with a red color to show urgency, marking another one with a folder with the picture of a lock to show private files, all done with a click of a button. Folder Marker will help you in marking your folders to differentiate it from the old, boring, yellow colored folders. This will help in better visibility thus better productivity. Colors makes some sense, don't they?

Folder Marker features:-

  • Simplistic, one click usage - right click on a folder to change its color / folder icons. Forrest Gump can do this without his momma telling him to do so.

  • Priority marking - mark folders with icons that show some sense of priority. Remember, eyes are more attracted to fun colors!

  • Customizable icons - you can add your own icons / folders to the menu for up to 10 items. Its hard to satisfy this choosy kind of people.

  • Multi mark - you can choose a set of folders and colorized it all at once! Great!

And of course its free! Don't you think this is great? Share some of your thoughts here by leaving some comments. Hateful comments are welcomed too! :D

Download Folder Marker from

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