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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is a freeware used to well, backup your files and directories for security copy in case of any mishaps such as a hard disk faulty or any accidental deletion of files.

With Cobian Backup, you can easily perform backups to other partitions of a hard drive or to another FTP server. Backup can also be done to another machine on the network. To learn more about backup types available in Cobian Backup, check Wikipedia for more.

Cobian Backup features:-

  • Resource friendly - backups with Cobian won't devour your memory and CPU to the max. It use resources in a smart way to avoid lockups / hangs.

  • Scheduled backup support - you can set up a backup schedule for example, once in a day to automate things up and avoid the hassle of mundane, routine backup tasks.

  • Support for popular backup types - you can choose to do a full / incremental / differential backup.

  • Encryption support - backup files can be encrypted to ensure privacy and security.

  • Compression support - to save hard disk space, backup can be compressed, only if you want it to be.

  • Remote backup - you can backup your files / directories to another PC or another FTP server. This is one of the best way to ensure availability of files in case any hard disk disaster.

It's never too late to save your data by performing regular backups. With Cobian Backup, you can do this in an easy way, without having to be an expert on backup.

Try Cobian Backup for free by downloading it from

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