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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


If you have read my previous freeware review on OmZiff, by now you have already know what encryption is. If you want an easy to use encryption freeware or are looking for another encryption freeware alternative, you can give AxCrypt a shot.

AxCrypt installed itself on the right click menu of your Windows system and to encrypt a file, you just need to right click on the file, choose the AxCrypt menu and click Encrypt. You will be prompted to enter a passphrase to encrypt the files. Don't forget it because you will need the same key to decrypt the file when the need arises.

AxCrypt features:-

  • Right click to encrypt - right click on a file to start the encryption menu and choose Encrypt, sooo easy.

  • Automatic encryption - you can open an encrypted file, edit anything you want on it and whenever you close it, it will get encrypted automatically.

  • Zero configuration - AxCrypt right click menu will appear instantly once its successfully installed.

  • Integrated shredder - shred that sensitive files of yours into oblivion.

  • Key file support - if you feel uncomfortable using passwords to encrypt a file, you can use a file containing some text keys to be used as a decryption key. Make sure you hide this file!

Encryption sensitive data can't be much more easier than with AxCrypt. Download it now from

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