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Saturday, July 15, 2006

XP Syspad

XP Syspad is a freeware that lets you easily access Windows system utilities and information. It even allows you to access hidden Windows application you never know existed before ( Yes, they ask you to pay for the Operating System, yet they hide some features from you! ). For newbies that doesn't know much about where some of the Windows system utils are located, XP Syspad is really a blessing. From an easy to use interface with sensible menus, users can easily access all the nuts and bolts that build the Windows operating system.

Its features:-

  • Easy access to Windows utilities - you don't have to open several windows just to access your Internet Explorer settings. You can make XP Syspad to automatically start on Windows boot up and you will get it all from a really nifty interface.

  • Access Windows hidden applications - don't let that geek be a Windows dictator. You can join them too, even without knowing that Windows command line exists. Go crash your PC with Regedit now ! Hehehe!
  • Windows system information - can you really tell how long your Windows has been running? Lost your Windows serial number? XP Syspad will get you through all this.

  • Process Monitor - you can even access, reset priority and kill some unnecessary Windows process ala Task Manager via XP Syspad.

and more!

If you still in doubt about what XP Syspad can do for you, why don't you download it here and test it yourselves? I'm sure it will make Windows much more easier and accessible to everyone.

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