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Sunday, July 23, 2006

TreeSize Free

TreeSize Free will help you to find what consumes your hard disk space by getting the sizes of folders and files inside your hard disk and display it in a tree like view. Once started, you don't have to do a thing, TreeSize will automatically gather all the needed information for you. You just need to tell TreeSize which hard disk partition to scan the next time you run it.

TreeSize features:-

  • Selectable scan area - scan the C drive or the D drive or any drives. Its your choice.

  • Colored status bar - a red bar instantly tells you that the folder is one of the biggest consumers of the hard disk.

  • Report - easily print a report, showing all the files that need to be managed / deleted to save hard disk space.

  • Sort function - sort the treeview either by file sizes or alphabetically.

If you want a more graphical way in doing this, you can read my review on JDiskReport.

If you think that TreeSize Free will be just nice, download it from

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