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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Shutter is yet another automatic shutdown tool - that let's you shutdown your PC whenever some events are triggered or some time limit is reached. Some of the triggered events supported are low battery usage, countdown, Winamp based action and more.

What Shutter can do:-

  • Event based shutdown - check out the freeware on more of the supported event-based triggers. One of them lets you to automatically set your PC to turn off based on a finished process, for example - downloading a file.

  • Selectable action - Shutdown is not the only available action. You can opt to reboot your PC, lock your Windows operating system, turn off your monitor and more.

  • Force applications to close - this will ensure every running applications won't interfere with Shutter, thus ensuring a successful shutdown.

  • Remote Shutter support - with the optional web based interface, you can now turn off your home PC while you're at the office! This web based support can be protected with a password to prevent unnecessary abuse.

Download Shutter here -

Shutter does not satisfy your needs? Too hard to understand? You can check out my review on Switch Off here for another similar freeware.

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