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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shrink Pic

Once in a while, I will find great freewares like this one. It's simple enough to use and make my life easier.

Shrink Pic, once started, will begin to compress pictures on the fly whenever you want to email pictures using your favorite email freeware, upload pictures to the Internet or whenever you want to share pictures via Instant Messaging. This will result in a shrinked, smaller images, thus making image sharing far much easier and faster.

Shrink Pic features:-

  • Runs in the background - Shrink Pic will work its wonder without any supervision. It performs admirably!

  • Automatic detection - this is truly amazing! It shrinks pictures without interfering with the original, so you don't have to worry about your close to National Geographic quality pictures.

  • Selectable compression level - you can choose from 3 level of compression, this will greatly depends on how small you want your pictures to be.

Can you imagine how easy it is to upload pictures to Fotopages with Shrink Pic? No more manual resizing! Try it now!

Download this free software from

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