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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yet another obviously named freeware. This is FeedReader. It reads feeds from your favorite website. So easy to explain. Go on, read all the features, then you can compare it with one of my favorite feed reader freeware, Omea Reader.

It's features:-

  • Fast - FeedReader is very responsive. It doesn't hog my PC when downloading lots and lots of newsfeeds.

  • Lightweight - runs nicely on the background with so little memory. Love the automatic feed updates.

  • Simple - it doesn't need rocket science to understand how FeedReader works. It's so easy to use.

  • Tag support - you can tag your favorite feeds for later readings / personal archival.

  • Sample feeds - it starts up with some popular feeds on the planet. Glad they add this on. Now I am addicted to Engadget already.

If you are new to feed reading / reading newsfeeds, check out for any RSS tags on your favorite sites and try to add it to FeedReader. Now you can centralize all your internet news updates from one simple place.

Try FeedReader by downloading it from

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