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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Cropper is screen capturing for the lazy.

Normal screen capturing steps:-

- click Print Screen on keyboard
- open favourite picture editor e.g MS Paint / IrfanView / Photofiltre
- click Paste to get the screenshot
- resize the screenshot (optional)
- think of a name of the file
- save the file

Too slow!

With Cropper, you can just start it up with Windows, let it run on the background, select an area to capture anytime you want, double click the mouse on the center of Cropper or press Enter. Done!

Cropper features:-

  • Output file format - choose from bitmap, jpeg, save it on the clipboard and more!

  • Thumbnail - capture a screenshot and create its thumbnail at once! Even greater flexibility!

  • Resizable crop window - you can resize Cropper easily - capture and crop a picture in any size that you wish!

  • Opacity level - you can change the transparency of the Cropper window to suit your style.

Cropper might seem a bit odd the first time you saw it, but once you try it, you will know it's now possible to remove the "Print Screen" keyboard button, yeah!

Hail Brian Scott for making yet another great freeware for the masses!

Get it fast from

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