Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yet another obviously named freeware. This is FeedReader. It reads feeds from your favorite website. So easy to explain. Go on, read all the features, then you can compare it with one of my favorite feed reader freeware, Omea Reader.

It's features:-

  • Fast - FeedReader is very responsive. It doesn't hog my PC when downloading lots and lots of newsfeeds.

  • Lightweight - runs nicely on the background with so little memory. Love the automatic feed updates.

  • Simple - it doesn't need rocket science to understand how FeedReader works. It's so easy to use.

  • Tag support - you can tag your favorite feeds for later readings / personal archival.

  • Sample feeds - it starts up with some popular feeds on the planet. Glad they add this on. Now I am addicted to Engadget already.

If you are new to feed reading / reading newsfeeds, check out for any RSS tags on your favorite sites and try to add it to FeedReader. Now you can centralize all your internet news updates from one simple place.

Try FeedReader by downloading it from

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

TreeSize Free

TreeSize Free will help you to find what consumes your hard disk space by getting the sizes of folders and files inside your hard disk and display it in a tree like view. Once started, you don't have to do a thing, TreeSize will automatically gather all the needed information for you. You just need to tell TreeSize which hard disk partition to scan the next time you run it.

TreeSize features:-

  • Selectable scan area - scan the C drive or the D drive or any drives. Its your choice.

  • Colored status bar - a red bar instantly tells you that the folder is one of the biggest consumers of the hard disk.

  • Report - easily print a report, showing all the files that need to be managed / deleted to save hard disk space.

  • Sort function - sort the treeview either by file sizes or alphabetically.

If you want a more graphical way in doing this, you can read my review on JDiskReport.

If you think that TreeSize Free will be just nice, download it from

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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Cropper is screen capturing for the lazy.

Normal screen capturing steps:-

- click Print Screen on keyboard
- open favourite picture editor e.g MS Paint / IrfanView / Photofiltre
- click Paste to get the screenshot
- resize the screenshot (optional)
- think of a name of the file
- save the file

Too slow!

With Cropper, you can just start it up with Windows, let it run on the background, select an area to capture anytime you want, double click the mouse on the center of Cropper or press Enter. Done!

Cropper features:-

  • Output file format - choose from bitmap, jpeg, save it on the clipboard and more!

  • Thumbnail - capture a screenshot and create its thumbnail at once! Even greater flexibility!

  • Resizable crop window - you can resize Cropper easily - capture and crop a picture in any size that you wish!

  • Opacity level - you can change the transparency of the Cropper window to suit your style.

Cropper might seem a bit odd the first time you saw it, but once you try it, you will know it's now possible to remove the "Print Screen" keyboard button, yeah!

Hail Brian Scott for making yet another great freeware for the masses!

Get it fast from

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Access Manager

Access Manager lets you store multiple passwords easily from an intuitive, easy to use interface. Access Manager will suit most home users that have problems in remembering passwords such as ATM pin numbers, email account passwords, computer logon passwords and more.

Access Manager features:-

  • Easy, intuitive interface - this is one of the easiest password managers to use. You don't need to read a manual to understand its usage. Simple yet powerful.

  • Secure - Access Manager will protect your valuable passwords with a Master Password and you need to enter this password before you can add / edit password entries. Access Manager used the proven Blowfish and Rijndael encryption that leaves you are worry-free about security.

  • Drag and Drop passwords - you can drag and drop stored passwords directly to the login form for easier logon e.g Yahoo email login prompt.

  • Password types - password types lets you categorized passwords in categories such as Email Accounts, Instant Messaging, Computer Logon and more. This results in a clean, searchable password manager freeware.

  • Password generator - don't use "password123" as your email account password anymore. Let Access Manager generates a secure password for you. Moreover, you don't have to remember it!

  • Summarised list - you can get a list of all your stored passwords with a click of a button.

Get Access Manager now if you are looking for the easiest password manager out there. It's free, secure and headache free.

Download Access Manager here

If you are not satisfied with the features, read my review on Password Agent here


if you are still not satisfied, read my review on KeePass here

man, if you are still reading this, you are so hard to please!

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

XP Syspad

XP Syspad is a freeware that lets you easily access Windows system utilities and information. It even allows you to access hidden Windows application you never know existed before ( Yes, they ask you to pay for the Operating System, yet they hide some features from you! ). For newbies that doesn't know much about where some of the Windows system utils are located, XP Syspad is really a blessing. From an easy to use interface with sensible menus, users can easily access all the nuts and bolts that build the Windows operating system.

Its features:-

  • Easy access to Windows utilities - you don't have to open several windows just to access your Internet Explorer settings. You can make XP Syspad to automatically start on Windows boot up and you will get it all from a really nifty interface.

  • Access Windows hidden applications - don't let that geek be a Windows dictator. You can join them too, even without knowing that Windows command line exists. Go crash your PC with Regedit now ! Hehehe!
  • Windows system information - can you really tell how long your Windows has been running? Lost your Windows serial number? XP Syspad will get you through all this.

  • Process Monitor - you can even access, reset priority and kill some unnecessary Windows process ala Task Manager via XP Syspad.

and more!

If you still in doubt about what XP Syspad can do for you, why don't you download it here and test it yourselves? I'm sure it will make Windows much more easier and accessible to everyone.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shrink Pic

Once in a while, I will find great freewares like this one. It's simple enough to use and make my life easier.

Shrink Pic, once started, will begin to compress pictures on the fly whenever you want to email pictures using your favorite email freeware, upload pictures to the Internet or whenever you want to share pictures via Instant Messaging. This will result in a shrinked, smaller images, thus making image sharing far much easier and faster.

Shrink Pic features:-

  • Runs in the background - Shrink Pic will work its wonder without any supervision. It performs admirably!

  • Automatic detection - this is truly amazing! It shrinks pictures without interfering with the original, so you don't have to worry about your close to National Geographic quality pictures.

  • Selectable compression level - you can choose from 3 level of compression, this will greatly depends on how small you want your pictures to be.

Can you imagine how easy it is to upload pictures to Fotopages with Shrink Pic? No more manual resizing! Try it now!

Download this free software from

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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Shutter is yet another automatic shutdown tool - that let's you shutdown your PC whenever some events are triggered or some time limit is reached. Some of the triggered events supported are low battery usage, countdown, Winamp based action and more.

What Shutter can do:-

  • Event based shutdown - check out the freeware on more of the supported event-based triggers. One of them lets you to automatically set your PC to turn off based on a finished process, for example - downloading a file.

  • Selectable action - Shutdown is not the only available action. You can opt to reboot your PC, lock your Windows operating system, turn off your monitor and more.

  • Force applications to close - this will ensure every running applications won't interfere with Shutter, thus ensuring a successful shutdown.

  • Remote Shutter support - with the optional web based interface, you can now turn off your home PC while you're at the office! This web based support can be protected with a password to prevent unnecessary abuse.

Download Shutter here -

Shutter does not satisfy your needs? Too hard to understand? You can check out my review on Switch Off here for another similar freeware.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

This is yet another simple registry cleaner for Windows. Unlike RegCleaner, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner lets you select what items to scan for, by checking checkboxes displaying registry categories. Cleaning a registry once in a while is a proven technique to speed up Windows and if you never tried it, you can easily use this freeware as a jumpstart. If you feel uncomfortable in using this, there is a choice - check out my review on RegCleaner here

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner features:-

  • Safe - you can easily backup your registry and restore it at ease in case of any weird Windows behaviour.

  • Simple, user friendly interface - you don't need some thick manuals to learn on how the interface works!

  • Automatic backup - Eusing Free Registry Cleaner will automatically backup registry elements for easy rollback, in case any problem occurs.

  • Restore Previous Registry - this can be done with a click of a Menu item.

If you're so afraid this freeware might blow your PC (hehehe), make sure you backup the registry file first. Speed up your Windows machine now!

Download Eusing Registry Cleaner from

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