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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Password Agent

Having trouble remembering passwords for numerous systems / websites? Never fear, Password Agent is here. Password Agent is a freeware that lets you store passwords in a single, damn easy to use interface. It's protected by a master password, so pick your master password carefully, and always pick the most secure password for this.

Its features:-

  • Explorer like interface - if you know how to operate Windows Explorer, this shouldn't be a problem.

  • Secure - the database storing all your passwords are encrypted with Rijndael 256-bit encryption (approved by the US Gov.) and secured by a master password of your choice.

  • Custom groups / folders - arrange your passwords, makes life easier.

  • Auto Lock - lock Password Agent after a defined period of inactivity, keep peeping toms away!

  • Password Generator - great for those who can't think of any secure password. :)

  • QuickSearch feature - search for specific keywords from your password repositories.

  • Fill Login prompts - this needs some tweaking on the template files. Great for power users only.

Sadly, this lite version can only stored 25 passwords. I think its more than enough for the most average user. No more "Remember me" password blues again!

My Freeware List will help you link to Password Agent from here -

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