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Sunday, June 04, 2006

My World Cup 2006

Well it's not all mine, if you still insist to ask. It's your World Cup 2006 too, if you have it on your PC, hahaha.

My World Cup 2006 is a freeware to track the next World Cup 2006 scores between teams. You can fill in all the data for yourselves according to the scores or you can create a "What If" situations. For example, "What If" England lose to Trinidad from the group matches? What will happen? Who will Trinidad see in the second round? That's just an example, please don't be mad at me. :)

You can also view screenshots of all the stadiums that will be hosting all the matches in Germany from this freeware. You can also select your your favorite team to make entries related to them highlighted, then you can see how they will progress in the next game. Kick off times are also provided.

This freeware is one of the best way to start the football fever, at least for me. My prediction? I think Brazil will win again, if Ronaldinho can keep his current Barcelona form.

Download this football fever freeware from here

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