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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Kidz CD1

Hahaha. Its fun to be kids nowadays. They get to play with the Internet!

And parents, if you are looking for suitable contents for your kids or kidz from the Internet, you might give Kidz CD1 a try! Its like the Internet navigator for kids. Kidz CD1 will connect to the Internet, load the appropriate contents for kids so that you don't have to worry about the contents / usage, its so easy!

Its features:-

  • Controlled contents - kids will never get lost using this freeware. It comes with easy, cannot be modified categories such as Games, Stories and Television.

  • Fun To Use Interface - the interface is also a plus. Kindergarten arts look so old school compared to what Information Tech. can offers. Right clicking was disabled so that it would not confuse the kids.

So parents, make your move in developing cyber genius kids today! Additional contents will be added from time to time by the publisher. Or if you would like to contribute, you can suggest the appropriate contents from the Internet to the publisher.

Download Kidz CD 1 from

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