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Sunday, June 11, 2006

KeePass Password Safe

This is yet another freeware password saver for Windows. This freeware is a gem for short term memory loss kind of people whom always have the problem in remembering their email or system passwords. KeePass Password Safe let users save their passwords in a .kdb database so that they can copy and paste them for next time usage. It's highly encrypted or in layman terms, its secure so that you don't have to worry about mischievous hackers stealing your precious passwords.

Its features:-

  • Open Source - this means that if you are a progger yourselves, you can take a look at the mind boggling codes and help them to improve this free software.

  • Highly encrypted database - i don't wanna elaborate on this anymore. Go ask a security geek about AES and Two-fish algorithms if you are so paranoid about it.

  • Supports master passwords and key disks - master passwords lets you access the database easily with a single password, optional usage of key disks lets you store the master passwords in a diskette or thumb drive for physical safekeeping. Make sure you don't lose it!

  • Runs on any version of Windows - Windows 98 users are welcomed. Not limited for XP users only.

  • Export passwords / database transfer - you can opt to export your passwords in a file for easy transfer / safekeeping.

  • Drag and drop passwords - you can drag your stored Yahoo mail passwords from KeePass directly to Yahoo Mail login forms. You can forget about that long, secure passwords now.

  • Search and sort - password entries can be easily found and sorted.

  • Low memory usage - this freeware doesn't hog your system resources! Thank god!

This is my second review on freeware that lets people save their passwords for easy retrieval the next time they need it. If you are looking for an alternative, you can check my review on Password Agent here

Feel free to use KeePass Password Safe.

Download it from here

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