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Monday, June 19, 2006

Clean Cache

Clean Cache is a freeware that cleans your computer from unnecessary files ranging from Internet browsing history, Windows history, and ActiveX. Simply put, it's mostly a browser cleaner. It doesn't matter which browser you use, all of the most popular browser on Earth are supported. Dillo and Safari fans, this freeware is not meant for you.

Clean Cache features:-

  • Run Complete Cleanup - one click cleans all.

  • Easy - its so easy to use, just click what you want to clean and select otherwise if not.

  • Delete per profile - Firefox users using the same computer will have the options to clean cache per user profile.

  • Windows cleanup - Clean Cache will help you to clean your Recycle Bins, remove recent My Documents list, Windows Media Player history.... did i say mostly everything?

  • Secure Cleaning - this cleanup secures your cleanup to make sensitive data unrecoverable. Great for paranoids.

  • Startup / Shutdown Support - you can opt to cleanup manually, or once your computer shuts down or started. You can also opt to clean browser histories as soon as the browser was closed.

Now you can easily clean your Internet tracks with Clean Cache. Get it from (don't say the domain name aloud :) !)

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