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Sunday, June 04, 2006

BitSoft ShowIP

BitSoft ShowIP is a freeware that displays your IP address in an easy way. Just double click the freeware and it will detect your IP automatically.

It's features:-

  • Show internal and external IP - great for those who wants to redirect http requests via port forwarding. For those behind a router / firewall only.

  • Copy LAN / WAN - useful for pasting IPs for those who needed it.

  • Refresh / Renew IP - console bashers will absolutely love this point and click DHCP IP release / renew.

  • Timer - check if your external / internal IP for changes every now and then.

If granny doesn't know what IP is and how to get it, get her this free software. Linux users, please do not laugh, I know that you drink milk straight from the cow :) . It's great for laptop travellers though.

Download this simple but absolutely useful freeware from

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