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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


XnView is a super image viewer. This free software can read hundreds of image file formats, if you dare to name it one by one. It's fast, responsive and will make Windows Explorer thumbnail viewer looks way too obsolete. I love the way it displays all my humongous numbers of images instantly and with a built in file viewer, it can play video file formats too!

XnView features:-

  • Supports variety of picture formats - it claims to read over 400 different picture formats, for example: GIF, TIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, IFF, IMG, WMF, ICO, ... the possibilities are endless.

  • Explorer-like browser - Windows Explorer users will feel right at home. Dumb-proof graphical user interface.

  • Standard File Operations - move, copy, delete, - all the mundane tasks are supported via the easy to use interface.

  • Image Filters and Effects - resize, turn pictures from color to black and white, sharpen, blur effects bla bla bla.. all the usual picture tweaks are easily available.

  • Multiple image conversion - batch conversion from jpegs to gifs, resulting in small file sizes - this process is a breeze with XnView freeware.

  • Other noticeable fun stuffs - reduce red eyes, join images for panorama effects, create web pages, thumnails gallery and contact sheets (try it if you need an explanation on what this is all about :) )

What really stands out for me in XnView is its responsiveness. It renders thumbnails for quick preview of your pics in record time and i really love all the bells and whistles that was included for quick image editing. And yeah, it's available for other platforms too! Linux users - enjoy yourself!

Download XnView for free at

As an alternative, or if you love to compare free softwares, read my review on IrfanView, one of the most popular image viewer on earth.

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