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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Weather Watcher

You don't have to be Einstein to know what this freeware does. It's a weather monitoring software. Now you don't have to guess or open your TV or radio for all the weather forecasts anymore. Just connect to the Internet and walla! You get all the infos right on your desktop.

It's features:-

  • Automatic forecasts retrieval - retrieve weather forecasts for your city from your PC - current, hourly or daily forecasts are all available. It supports more than 77,000 cities worldwide.

  • System tray support - current tempratures and other forecasts are always available from the system tray. Time intervals for automatic updates can be set.

  • Conversion - don't worry if you can only undestand Fahrenheit instead of Celcius. Get to the options area to change it.

  • Skinnable - for graphic conscious users. I don't really need this. But somebody might love it.

Never miss a weather forecasts anymore. Download this freeware from

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