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Thursday, May 04, 2006


You have one big file, 1.5MB in size. You have only 1.44MB diskettes with you, it's not enough to cramp that file in one diskette. Network file transfer is not an option. You need to bring that file to somewhere else a.s.a.p. You wish you can split the the file in two so that you can bring it along and join it later.

Your friend show you this review. You are in luck. There's a freeware that can do this. It's called SplitJoin.

It's features:-

  • Split and Join - split files for easy, storable files and join them later when needed. The interface is dumb-proof.

  • Small and fast - it's a free software which is small in size, you can bring it anywhere for easy split-and-joining.

  • Customizable split size - you have 2 CDROMs with 600MB capacity each. Your have a file which is over 650MB in size. SplitJoin will help you in solving this headache.

  • Make a copy of SplitJoin - split a file with SplitJoin attached. You will never forget to bring it again.

  • Parts deletion - upon successful join operation, you can ask SplitJoin to automagically delete the splitted parts.

SplitJoin maybe small in size, but function wise, its so easy to use and things like this saves my time on numerous occassions. Try it!

Download it for free from

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