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Sunday, May 28, 2006


SIW - System Information for Windows. It's the brainchild of Gabriel Topala and it provides a single monitoring tool to view your Windows system. It gives detailed information on your system properties and settings, detailed view on installed hardware and software, Windows serial numbers, and etc. It can also do real-time monitoring for CPU, memory, page file usage and network traffic usage. To summarized all this, Gabriel Topala had managed to cram humongous info from your Windows system into one, easy to use interface. That's quite an achievement, IMHO.

It's features:-

  • Detailed info on installed hardware and software - it doesn't get any better than this. It can even detects install media codecs on your PC!

  • Network information - it can display your network neighbourhood, your internal and external IP (if you're behind a router), open ports on your PC - and much more.

  • Win9x password cracker - system info plus password cracker - wow!

  • Eureka - this is an asterisk (*****) password displayer. Makes computing more fun, this kind of tools.

  • ODBC Admin - database administrators, rejoice!

  • OpenGL Test - have i told you that this freeware really digs your Windows that deep?

  • Reports Generator - so your boss wants a detailed report on your system? No sweat. Give him an SIW generated HTML report.

That's some of the best features that I found from this freeware and there's much more. Give Gabriel Topala some donations if you want him to continue on developing great freewares or you can support him by visiting his website at

Download SIW from

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