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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Sage

A sage is a wise man. The Sage is wise too but it's not a man, it's a free dictionary and thesaurus :)

The Sage is quite comprehensive and its very easy to use. It contains more than 145,000 references with over 200,000 detailed definitions. Examples of word usage are also available. Not bad for a free dictionary!

Some of its features:-

  • Complete Thesaurus - use a more suitable word from a thesaurus to make you smarter than you really are.

  • Example sentences - don't be afraid if you can't make an example sentence on your own. The Sage is always at your service.

  • Cross Referencing - click a word and you are taken to its definition right away.

  • Wildcard search - the beauty of an online dictionary. No more page flipping over Webster's again.

  • Anagram search - install The Sage and search for the meaning of this word. You really need a dictionary if you don't know.

  • Clipboard support - copy and paste search results easily.

  • History - never forget about your previous search anymore.

  • Tabbed search results - tabbed interface are the in-thing nowadays. Thanks Firefox!

The Sage has won numerous praise for it's comprehensive free dictionary and ease of use from the ever evolving online community.

Get The Sage now from

And even if after eading all this can't convince you to change to the .7z clan, or if you insist to stay loyal to the .zip gang, i suggest you to use this amazing free ware instead of the original WinZip.

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