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Sunday, May 21, 2006


This freeware name (Restoration) makes me remember my old RPG gaming days! What this free software do is that it helps you restore recent accidentally deleted files - either you empty your recycle bin accidentally or by Shift+Delete a file. It doesn't guarantee that it can find all the deleted files, but I had managed to restore my "Scary Movie 4" movie deleted clumsily by, umm.. me. That explains that it can work sometimes.

Restoration features:-

  • Simple interface - click a hard disk partition and click "Search Deleted Files" to list all recently, mistakenly deleted files.

  • Zero Installation - you don't need to install it, unzip and run makes it so easy to use.

  • Delete files completely - you can even delete all the restorable files completely. This freeware shoud be named to Restoration and Re-deletion. Ha ha ha. Now you can be rest assured that your sensitive files are not recoverable anymore.

I can't guarantee that this freeware will help you restore all of your mistakenly deleted files - but it's worth a try, isn't it?

Download it from

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