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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Please do not correct me for any spelling mistakes. The name of this free ware is really Photofiltre. It is an image editing program but for me, i mostly used it for filtering my images / creating special effects on my photos. I really think that Photofiltre excels in filtering / adding effects to photos.

Photofiltre features:-

  • Complete, image editing freeware - this thing is so complete, I can't believe its free!

  • Wide range of filters - this is the best thing about Photofiltre. Make sure you test the artistic filter, Picasso!

  • Vectorial selections - you can select some portion of images via various tools such as rectangle, lasso, etc.

  • Standard editing toolbar - you will never get lost while using Photofiltre. Photoshop users will will right at home.

  • Image scanning support - now you can directly scan pictures from a scanner to be displayed on Photofiltre.

There are many options for free image editing software out there. But if you are a looking for a program that can quickly change your image effects, then Photofiltre is the best, IMHO.

Try it from

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