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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Notepad has won many fans since Microsoft begin to bundle it with their Windows operating systems. One man, Alexander Davidson loves Notepad so much but he's unsatisfied that Microsoft never enhance the already popular Notepad. That's why he created a replacement for Notepad, the Metapad. Metapad is umm.. , Notepad on steroids.

It's features:-

  • Recent file support - closing and opening up yesterday's text files are now easier. No more folder traversing to find your most recent files.

  • Fixed Window - you can make sure the size of your Metapad remains the same the next time you open it, just save its current Windows state.

  • Auto-Indent text - useful for Notepad based proggers. Indentation is much easier now. No more multiple tab hitting ( increase keyboard's lifetime + reduce metatarsal injury risks :) )

  • Favourites - now you can save and open your favourite text files easily with Metapad.

  • Spell Checking support - you can integrate spell checking with Metapad but you need to work it out with one more free open source program - Aspell. Find the tips on how to do it here

Above are the features that i found most useful for my personal usage and there are more improvements that will woo more Notepad users to switch to Metapad.

You can download Metapad here -

or if you need to compare it with another, read my review on KeyNote, another great Notepad replacement.

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