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Sunday, May 07, 2006


AM-DeadLink is not for the dead :). It's a free ware that detects dead links from your browser's bookmarks. Dead links means links that does not exists anymore - maybe the files were removed or the domain is not available anymore. This is very useful when you have hundreds or thousands of links on your bookmarks, it helps cleaning unused / unavailable links fast.

It's features:-

  • Fast detection - it took several minutes to scan and detect my links - 365 of them to be exact. Redirection links are also supported.

  • Popular browser support - Internet Explorer (not so popular anymore), Firefox (yeah!), Opera and Mozilla. It even support bookmarks in CSV or tab delimited files!

  • Link change options - renaming / modifying a link is so easy with the simple but functional interface. A right click will do the job.

  • Duplicate links finder - one more headache, gone with the mercy of this freeware.

  • Bookmark Backup - backup your bookmarks if you are not that sure. Backup will be saved in zip file format to keep it small.

A simple freeware makes life easier, its so true with AM-Deadlinks. Say goodbye to deadlinks!

Download AM-Deadlinks from

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