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Monday, May 15, 2006

7-Zip File Manager

Zipping a file for the first time in my life is quite a wonderful experience. Since then, I am still wondering how did they manage to compress such a big file into smaller, portable version. Winzip must be making a lot of money because they are the pioneers in this compression technology. Now, a new compression technique is on the rise. It's called the 7-Zip format with the .7z extension. Although the name is not as commercial as Winzip, it functions very well in the file compression showdown.

I tried to compress my 40 MB folder with both the .7z and .zip extension with no additional tweaks. 7-Zip format manages to reduce the file size to 32 MB while Winzip .zip format only manage to reduce the file size to 35 MB. We have a clear new winner now!

You can create a .7z compressed file using the 7-Zip File Manager. Some of its features:-

  • High Compression ratio - i've tested this myself. Seeing (and doing it) is believing.

  • Right click file operations - right click a file and 7-Zip the file with ease. Extraction is also supported in this manner.

  • Easy to use File Manager - WinZip has really spawned so many imitators. I can't complain no more.

  • Test function - test your .7z files in case of any compression errors. Great addition for the most paranoid of all people.

  • Zip file support - Hahaha, very funny. WinZip execs must be very angry right now.

7-Zip is quite new on the compression scene and you can promote its effectiveness among your friends. This is one of the way that you can help promote the growth of free software.

Download it from

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