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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Steganos LockNote

Forgotten any passwords recently? Need a secure solution to store your small but important notes that you can take anywhere with your diskette or USB drive? Now there's a freeware that fits all your needs.

It's Steganos Locknote. What a cool name! It's small in size, efficient and most importantly - secure.

It's features:-

  • Zero Installation - there's no need for this. The outcome is that you can bring one secure file with all your notes anywhere.

  • Secure encryption - you can assure that all your notes are secured with your chosen password in AES 256bit encryption technology.

  • Super easy to use - if you ever used Notepad, this freeware operates in the same mode. Changing password is easy as ABC.

  • Super mobility - you can cut and paste / store LockNote applications with all your notes anywhere - bring highly secured files with your USB drive as you go around!

Steganos Locknotes is like Notepad on steroids. It's a supreme idea to distribute this freeware without the need of installation and it didn't took long for me to love it.

Download it from

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