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Sunday, April 30, 2006


This monkey is not your usual mischievious monkey. It's a free music managing monkey and a very helpful one too. MediaMonkey will help you find all your music files such as mp3 or wav residing inside your PC and present it in a more meanful manner, making it more manageable and easy to find.

Finding your files automatically with Media Monkey only takes a few minutes and I love the way this freeware presents it. You can easily search for your favorite artists from all kind of sort functions whether it is by artist, by album, etc.

These are some of the superb features of this free monkey:-

  • Supports many music formats - MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, MPC, WAV, CDA, M3U, and PLS files - it even finds your saved playlists!

  • Easy organizer view - find your favorite artists / albums with ease. Move, sort and rename music files without hassles.

  • Volume leveling - i have this problem when recorded music files were played at different volumes. MediaMonkey levels the volume of the problematic files with ease! Wow!

  • Record CD's - now you don't have to blast AudioGrabber to rip musics from CDs. MediaMonkey had learned to do this trick also.

  • Burn music CD's - select your musics and burn it on CDs to play later. This freeware is truly a real all-in-one music manager.

  • Free Converter - converts almost any audio tracks to MP3. This is a real gem.

  • Automatic (CSI style) file identifications - MediaMonkey quickly identifies missing information from your music files and sort it in an easy manner. It's up to you to edit / add all the missing informations though.

  • Tags support - add / edit / identify missing music tags from your files.

  • Free built-in media player - this is a must for all music managers. It's complete with free plugins and equalizers.

What more can you ask for from MediaMonkey? Now you can start monkeying around without worrying about all the music files again. MediaMonkey is a real music time saver. It's the real deal. Simon Cowell can't complain no more.

Download it from

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