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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Mostly i will use ye old Windows Notepad to paste and save simple notes for things that i want to remember. It can be anything, website links, notes about new freeware with bombastic names, a friend Yahoo Messenger's id, passwords, you name it. This method always works but sometimes my desktop will look like that it needs some serious desktop housekeeping. Notes seems to be everywhere, and i am lost again searching for last week important notes.

That was before I found KeyNote freeware. It stores all my notes in one single file, in a tree-like format or in RTF format. It successfully eliminates the need for multiple notes files. One .knt file will store all my important notes. That's the vision of this freeware creator and it makes me very happy to say that it works!

It's features:-

  • Tabbed notebook - you can insert as many notes that you want, one single file can contains numerous free form notes.

  • Tree like structure - this makes organizing notes easier, make small chlid notes node for one or more big subjects.

  • Powerful formatting and editing - insert pictures, html files, font formatting, rich text formatting, etc - old Notepad users will surely migrate to this freeware

  • Import / Export functions - import your old Notepad notes as a new or sub-nodes with this function, group them in one or more subjects, chosen all by yourselves.

  • Autosave - this needs no explanation. Great for the ill minded.

  • WordWeb integration - integrates nicely with one of my favourite translation freeware, WordWeb.

That's just a pinch of what KeyNote can do. I will let you enjoy finding the other features all by yourselves. Of course, compiling all your Notepad notes in one single file is the biggest accomplishment that KeyNote does. Believe me, with KeyNote, your desktop will never be in shambles again.

Download it from

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