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Friday, April 07, 2006

JCMB Quicknote

Do you need to write or draw or scribble some ideas, pasting texts of instant messages quickly so that you can view it later? Stop thinking of opening a word processor, it's too slow. What about notepad? It's quite OK but there are better alternatives.

Quicknote is a superb free ware that can do more than the above tasks. Don't be fooled by it's minimalist interface, this free software really packs a punch!

It's features:-

  • Instant Hide and Wakeup - press Escape and Quicknote will dissappear (Sleep Mode). Touch a sizable small line that you can easily placed anywhere on your desktop, and Quicknote will be there instanteneously (cool!), at your service!

  • Categories - key in more texts with categories and tabs, I bet Notepad can't do this.

  • Draw function - you can even draw some sketches on it!

  • Customizable Interface - add more tabs, change its background colour, bla bla bla...

  • Hotkey - available to make this free ware reappears and disappears with a touch of a button

  • Autosave - you can save your text or Galileo drawings every minute or so, if you are so paranoid of losing it in case of any Windows crash.

  • Extra tools - launch the Windows calculator, do unit conversions, launch external programs, encrypt QuickNotes, drag and drop notes - all from within this nifty freeware.

  • Copy notes to another computer - if you have friends running Quicknotes on the same network, you can even exchange notes instantly. Wow!

With all the goodies listed above, there's no doubt that Quicknote is more useful than some other mediocre software. It doesn't have to hide behind beautiful interface to line ine itself with all the best freewares. Try it!

Download it from

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