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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Google Desktop

Google never fails to amaze me. First, with their spot on search engine, then the unlimited Gmail free email service and now, it's time for my latest favorite freeware, the Google Desktop. Google Desktop will sit nicely as a sidebar on your desktop once installed, and you can hide it if you wish.

Google Desktop is a freeware with multiple functions. But mainly, I use it as my local search engine. Once started-up, Google Desktop will index all the contents of the hard drive, at the users consent, either when the PC is idle or on demand. It tooks sometime to finish indexing though, but the results are worth the wait. Now, I can search anything on my pc, not just by their file name, but also by what's inside the file. That, to me, is a major breakthrough.

Other Google Desktop features:-

  • Desktop Email - Google Desktop will link up to your Gmail account and you will be notified if you have new emails arriving at an instant.

  • News - get the latest news on the sidebar, and you can customize what you want to know too.

  • Weather - not functioning for me though, it can't tell me the weather in Malaysia right now. Well, I know that Google will improve this, for sure.

  • Photos - get a slideshow on your sidebar for every now and then, Google Desktop will display pictures found from your own PC.

  • Scratch Pad - great for instant notes scratching, I told you before it's a freeware with multiple functions, didn't I?

  • Quick View - keep a list of important and most used files here for instant access.

  • Maps - I guess this will link you to Google's own Google Maps. Another brilliant product from Google.

  • To do List - great for the most forgetful ones. Like me.

  • System Monitor - this freeware doesn't want you to use that Windows system monitor again.

There's so much more that Google Desktop has to offer you, just as expected from one of the giant IT companies of today. There's so many features that i don't tell you here, maybe you can tell me with your comments here next time. I am glad that Google is so generous to make this free, and yes, it's one hell of a freeware.

Download it from

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