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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Ever heard of a mind map? The one made famous by Tony Buzan, the mind map guru?

From Wikipedia : A mind map is a diagram used for linking words and ideas to a central key word or idea. It is used to visualize, classify, structure, and generate ideas, as well as an aid in study, problem solving, and decision making.

A mind map for me is a diagram that links ideas together. It is like a tree diagram but the main idea is in the center and it can have many branches symbolizing the flow of ideas. Some people use it for brainstorming, some use it for taking notes and if you really do it well, it helps you memorize things faster because it uses wonderful elements such as colors,links and pictures.

Well, enough introductions already. FreeMind is quite a leap from traditional mind-map making, which uses a piece of paper and coloured pens and pencils. FreeMind lets you create mind maps on your own personal computer. It's much cooler when you do smart things using technology, isn't it?

FreeMind features:-

  • All the usual mind map stuffs - you can create links, insert pictures and clouds, choose colours etc.

  • Foldable links - you can fold your links, just in case your mind maps got huge.

  • Drag and Drop - you can drag and drop between link elements. Erasing notes from mind maps on paper looks so old school.

  • Copy and paste - i wonder if this can be done on paper, effectively :)

  • Find function - search for that specific keywords on your mind map. This is really useful.

  • Export ability - export your mind maps to various formats such as HTML or JPEG, and show it to Tony Buzan for syntax approval :)

Maybe some elements in FreeMind do not adhere to Tony's mind map concepts but it is still a great tool for everbody. Teach your kids, friends or families on how to use this free software. Somebody will absolutely love it, like me!

Download it from

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