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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Forget Windows Task Manager. It really fails when it comes to displaying your system resources in an easy, informative way.

Get FreeMeter - a lightweight, powerful system monitor for Windows. Looking at this free ware at glance, you can instantly know how your personal computer performs at that time. Is it low on memory / cpu / disk space? With FreeMeter, important informations are always displayed in an informative way.

It's features:-
  • Support for all Windows operating systems - what else can I say, Windows users, gain instant advantage over your Linux peers!

  • System performance meters - disk space, cpu usage, physical memory usage, page file usage - all the usual performance related stuffs. This free software even monitors your system uptime!

  • Disk space alerts - get alerts in the form of visual or sound when your system is low on disk space.

  • Folder Usage - right click on a disk drive display, and find out which folder eats up the most disk space. There's no doubt that Windows Task Manager can't do this.

  • Multiple graph types - change this if you prefer a line graph over a bar graph (if you want to feel geekier, change this!)

  • Free updates - automatic, hassle free updates can be set to get the latest version of this freeware.

  • Auto Hide support - hide this application nicely on the system tray. You may even collapse some meters tab to reduce its display area.

Freemeter outperforms Windows Task Manager performance monitoring in every imaginable way. It even adds some impressive function such as the folder usage display. This free software really rocks!

Download it from

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