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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Foxit Reader

Still using Adobe Acrobat Reader to read your pdf files? Think again.

Adobe Acrobat Reader suppose to be a simple enough application, because it just reads pdf files.
Why on earth did it takes some time to load? And it constantly nags you to upgrade to a new version, eventhough you are satisfied enough that you can read all your pdf ebook without problems. That's not friendly or honest enough to share this software free, isn't it? Moreover, for a software that only reads, it takes more disk spaces than it should be.

Leave Adobe Acrobat Reader for this freeware, the Foxit Reader. It takes just a fraction of your disk space, it takes just 1MB to be exact. Foxit Reader loads so much faster than Acrobat Reader. Moreover, you can type on the pdf file itself, so leaving a mark or notes on your files are now possible. I wonder why Adobe was so secretive to share this feature, they should include this long, long ago .

Now, users will have a decent alternative for reading their pdf's. It's time to move on to the competitor, a truly free software named Foxit Reader. Test it yourself and then compare your new experience with Adobe's once mighty product.

Download it from

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