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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Battle for Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth is what I currently play to kill my time. This game is a turn based strategy game, with lame visuals that might not appeal everyone. Well, for me, it's quite addictive though, even when I just played a few rounds of its campaign.

It can be played as a single player or if you want to show off, get online to bully a newbie with your awesome turn based skills.

It's features:-

  • Simple graphics - you don't need a super-duper gaming rig to play this. Its graphic is kind of old school. No 3D graphic card demons needed.

  • Units - there are 200 plus magical units to choose from, I am spoilt for choice.

  • Experience points - units get mightier if you use them wisely over and over again. Recall any units with some amount of gold if you wish.

  • Internet playable - strictly for the experienced? Maybe.

  • Humongous campaign - play as a human or play as a non-human. Make sure you exit the game as a human :)

  • Multiplatform - Linux, Windows, BeOS, BSD, etc. Geeks from all over the world don't have a chance to escape with their various platforms...

This free ware game may not satisfy everyone and you can hate it if you wish. But for me, I will stay and continue the Battle for Wesnoth...

Download it from

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