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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Advanced WindowsCare

I love to try optimizers when my Windows PC starts running sluggishly. It's an option that I will strongly consider before I format and reinstall Windows again.

For this review, I've installed a freeware named Advanced WindowsCare. It claims that it can speed up and optimize your Windows box. That's why I put my PC on the line, to test it for your eternal convenience :)

Advanced WindowsCare will automatically find optimizations available for your PC with just a click of a button. This will include network, Windows settings, CPU / Memory settings and Windows appearance optimizations.

Users can deselect any unnecessary optimizations but for me, I let the freeware did all the work. Like all optimization software, you need to reboot your PC once the optimizations had finished.

IMHO, Advanced WindowsCare had managed to speed up my Windows PC quite significantly. Windows startup speed has improved, applications load faster and many more.

So if you are one of the famous "Blue Screen of Death" sufferers, maybe you can try this first and choose Windows reinstallation as the next option.And don't forget to share your success stories here!

Download it from

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