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Saturday, March 04, 2006


WordWeb is an amazing little freeware tool that looks up meaning of words that you don't know on your computer. It can be seen as a desktop dictionary. Having WordWeb by your side, you don't have to open that big, dusty dictionary of yours to find words that you don't know, you just need to highlight / key in the words, press a hot key and WordWeb instantly works it wonders.

It's features: -

  • Ease of use - key in a word or highlight a word that is so alien to you, press Ctrl + Alt + W , WordWeb at your service!

  • Customizable hot-key - if Ctrl + Alt + W is not that cool, you can set it to other hot-key, maybe Ctrl + Alt + Delete is cooler (please don't try this at home! :) )

  • Synonyms support - it doesn't just find the meanings of a word, WordWeb propose other words that sounds cooler, yes cooler that Smackdown's Carlito.

  • Nouns / Verbs / Adjectives / Adverbs support - key in nouns or verbs or adjectives or adverbs on WordWeb console to find what they means, only if you have trouble remembering ye old English teacher's teachings!

  • Replace function - replace not-so-cool word with WordWeb suggested word with a tap of a button.

WordWeb makes me want to throw my bulky dictionary away. It's damn easy to use and i never doubt that it will make my writings cooler that ever!

Download it from

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