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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Picasa - Picture Simplicity. This photo management freeware stays true to its tagline. By the way, you can be rest assured for its quality because it’s a freeware by Google, one of the simplest yet powerful search engine around.

Picasa makes it easy for you to manage all the pictures and photo that currently reside in your computer. Upon successful installation, Picasa will search the hard drive for pictures and display it in an easy manner, complete with it’s time and file location.

Moreover, Picasa add some functions to edit those photos, making it easier for photo tweaking enthusiasts to tinker with their photos, eliminating the needs for complex, photo editing software.

Its features:-

  • Ease of use – Picasa will search for all pictures on your hard drive automatically; it even updates itself when new files are available!

  • Star Rating – makes it easier for you to find your picture masterpiece by tagging it with a star.

  • Password protection – key in a password for sensitive pictures, keeping it all for yourself.

  • Edit function – zoom, pan, tilt, remove red eye, sharpen, etc. This will satisfy simple needs for photo editing. Batch editing is also available!

  • Blogger support – put pictures on your Blogger blog with a simple click of that big “B” button.

  • Slide shows – this function is a must nowadays. Picasa is never out of trend.

  • Backup – create backup copies of your precious memories within Picasa. Burn that pictures to a CD!

  • Turn pictures into a movie – experience this yourself. Add titles, time interval delays for pictures to appear, and share it with family and friends.

  • Picture collages – this is a truly original Picasa freeware function. Select multiple pictures and create a collage from it. Amazing!

Picasa is just plain wonderful and easy to use. For user testimonials on its usage, read it here Don’t you dare to miss this bandwagon, use it now!

Download it from

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