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Monday, March 27, 2006

PCSpeedDialer 2005

Okay. I’ll make this review cut short because it’s a shortcut freeware. PCSpeedDialer 2005 enables you to create a short cut key for any applications or folders in your personal computer. For example, you can assign Alt + F + F (this doesn’t make much sense, it depends on your creativity) to open up the Firefox web browser, or maybe you can assign Alt + F + G to open Firefox with this website directly.

It’s so easy right; it doesn’t need to be explained in depth because it’s so simple to use. IMHO, I believe that simple free ware make the best software. You can even set it to start during start-up and hide it nicely on the system tray.

Download it from MySoco and enjoy the speed of opening your favorite apps without touching that mouse anymore.

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