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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


LimeWire is one of the best file sharing freeware out there. Unlike BitTorrent, LimeWire use old school peer to peer file sharing, just like the legendary Kazaa. The problem with Kazaa is that it is full of Trojans / spywares that sometimes will render your pc useless. Unlike its predecessor, LimeWire is all about file sharing fun, no ads, no spyware.

The usage is so easy, you don’t even have to read a manual or be a rocket scientist. Just select a category and search. Entries will be categorized in stars. More stars mean many people are sharing the same file, thus speeding your download speed.

Its features:-

  • Ease of use – even the infamous dumb and dumber will know how to operate this freeware
  • No irritations – no ads, Trojans, spywares.
  • Faster network search / connections – they have embraced the “UDP Host Caches” technology in LimeWire, means faster startup and connections.
  • Creative Commons Integration – this software will recognize licensed MP3 or OGG file formats.
  • Proxy and Firewall support – Hooray! Search can be done behind a firewall! Unethical office download users rejoice!
  • Multiple search options – you can search by specifying the file title, artist name, etc. Make your search more specific, spot on.
  • Automatic local network search – this feature will search the same files in networks nearby to you, making downloads faster than before.
  • Integrated chat – chat function seems to be everywhere nowadays, sigh!
  • Download / Upload Peer Limit – limit connections from and towards your PC, preserve bandwidth, enough said.

The best thing that I found about LimeWire is that it can filter junk files that most file sharing programs can’t. Parents, this freeware can also filter adult content search results.

File sharing is better with LimeWire, hope that you enjoy it!

Download it from

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