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Sunday, March 12, 2006

HTTrack Website Copier

The name above says it all. It's a freeware that copies an entire website or some sections of a website of your choice to your local hard drive so that you can read it offline. The beauty of this website copier is that it will preserve the links that glued all the website together so that you can browse it with peace of mind, without having to pull your hairs, searching for the other HTML files.

HTTrack is most useful when you don' t have an Internet connection at home. You can install it at the office unethically :) , download an entire website of your choice, bring all the files home and use it without worries of missing some important sections of the website.

Other useful features:-

  • Download options - choose to download or not to download certain type of files e.g video files, images etc.

  • Continue interrupted downloads / Update existing website - this feature is an absolute gem. Once you have finished downloading the entire website, you can just update your local copy next week with this feature, saving a lot of bandwidth time.

  • Auto disconnect - disconnects your Internet connection when download has finished. Useful for sluggish dial up connections. Save Internet bills too.

  • Auto shutdown - feeling sleepy? Don't want to wait for HTTrack to finish it tasks? Check this option and get a good night sleep.

  • Link depth support - define how far you want this copier to search for links and download it, either it were internal links or external links (links to other website).

  • Maximum connections - limit HTTrack connection with a sane number, never let it hogs your Internet connection.

There are so many other options that you can tweak to make this freeware runs optimally and I will let you to explore more all by yourself. Basically, it's quite easy to use but I strongly suggest that you limit it's connection or else somebody, somehow will suffer the wrath of office colleagues because of a sudden change in the Internet connection speed of a DSL to a lousy dial up connection.

Download it from

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