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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fresh Download

Have you ever heard of a download manager? If you have, do you know what it can do? A download manager organize your Internet downloads in a specific folder but most importantly, it speeds up Internet file downloads. A download manager splits the files in multiple chunks, download all of it simultaneously and once all the tasks have finished, the download manager will compile the chunks, making it a complete file again.

One of the best freeware download managers out there is Fresh Download. It’s fresh, easy to use and had always been my personal favorite freeware.

What it is capable of:-

  • Turbo charging your download speed – I test this personally and boy, I am impressed!

  • Pause and resume unfinished downloads – never download the never ending same file again and again.

  • Multiple connections support – this free ware support to 8 simultaneous file downloads. Some users report that this freeware gem increases their download speed by 400%! Wow!

  • Easy integration with browsers – click a download URL and this freeware will take over

  • Schedule downloads – schedule your downloads later when traffic is not that heavy, Internet traffic that is J

  • Antivirus support – scan for viruses before you download that file, directly from Fresh Download.

If you are tired of waiting for a big file download to be completely downloaded, give Fresh Download a chance. You will never regret it!

Download it from

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