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Sunday, March 05, 2006


First, there was Napster. Then Kazaa took over. Some companies are not very happy. They took legal action against file sharing companies. But like rock music, it never dies. BitTorrent continues the urge for file sharing nowadays.

If you don't know what BitTorrent is, check out here It takes some readings to understand how it actually works.

Basically, BitTorrent allows you to create or download a small .torrent files from the Net (maybe some mp3 .torrent file), such as from TorrentSpy (adult supervision required, displayed ads may irritate parents!). Open it with a BitTorrent client, and you are off to download the files shared by people (called peers) from all over the world. BitTorrent unique capability allows you to share (upload / download) files even the files hasn't been fully completed yet!

One of the best BitTorrent file out there is BitComet and of course, it's freeware.

It's features:-

  • Clean and easy - no heart aching spywares / adwares here! Point and click as always.

  • Fast and low CPU usage - it's written in C, that already explains why.

  • Simultaneous downloads / queue - this allows you to create multiple connections to multiple peers, thus increasing download speed. Unfinished downloads can be resumed the next time you are ready to download again.

  • Limit control - you are in total control of your connections, don't let other Torrent users take over your precious bandwidth.

  • Video preview - useful to preview downloaded movies from within the BitComet freeware client.

  • Intelligent features - smart disk caching and connection optimizers let you get maximum performance of BitTorrent capabilities.

  • Firewall and NAT Traversal - this is a very powerful feature, it lets you use BitTorrent behind a firewall. Shhh!

  • IP Blocker - block any unwanted torrent users from getting your shared files.

  • Chat - chat with other BitTorrent users while downloading.

BitComet offers powerful features for the hard core BitTorrent users. It also lets newbies to enjoy how easy to share files over the internet. You really don't want to miss this file sharing band wagon.

Download it from

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