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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Do you have a lot of music CDs at home? Ever wonder on how to transfer all the music goodies to your computer so that you can listen it on your favorite mp3 player, such as the QCD Player? Or in technical terms, do you want to find a freeware that can convert all the CD formatted data to MP3 files?

Wonder no more. Download AudioGrabber. It’s one of the easiest CD to MP3 converter (geeks call it MP3 ripper) on the Internet. By selecting the music tracks from it’s menu and click Grab!, you are off to MP3 music wonderland.

Its features:-

  • Easy graphical user interface – push a button to grab CD musics to MP3 files.

  • Other format conversions – you can convert WAV files to MP3 too! Other conversion formats available.

  • Other music source support – if you have a radio / turntable connected to your PC via a soundcard, this freeware will be able to convert the music too!

  • Normalize function – this will help make sounds from the ripped CD louder after the conversion.

There are so many functions in AudioGrabber than you can think off. Music geeks will love to tinker with its various settings but for light listeners like me, I just want to convert my music to MP3, saves my CDs from scratches too!

Download it from

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