Monday, March 27, 2006

PCSpeedDialer 2005

Okay. I’ll make this review cut short because it’s a shortcut freeware. PCSpeedDialer 2005 enables you to create a short cut key for any applications or folders in your personal computer. For example, you can assign Alt + F + F (this doesn’t make much sense, it depends on your creativity) to open up the Firefox web browser, or maybe you can assign Alt + F + G to open Firefox with this website directly.

It’s so easy right; it doesn’t need to be explained in depth because it’s so simple to use. IMHO, I believe that simple free ware make the best software. You can even set it to start during start-up and hide it nicely on the system tray.

Download it from MySoco and enjoy the speed of opening your favorite apps without touching that mouse anymore.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fresh Download

Have you ever heard of a download manager? If you have, do you know what it can do? A download manager organize your Internet downloads in a specific folder but most importantly, it speeds up Internet file downloads. A download manager splits the files in multiple chunks, download all of it simultaneously and once all the tasks have finished, the download manager will compile the chunks, making it a complete file again.

One of the best freeware download managers out there is Fresh Download. It’s fresh, easy to use and had always been my personal favorite freeware.

What it is capable of:-

  • Turbo charging your download speed – I test this personally and boy, I am impressed!

  • Pause and resume unfinished downloads – never download the never ending same file again and again.

  • Multiple connections support – this free ware support to 8 simultaneous file downloads. Some users report that this freeware gem increases their download speed by 400%! Wow!

  • Easy integration with browsers – click a download URL and this freeware will take over

  • Schedule downloads – schedule your downloads later when traffic is not that heavy, Internet traffic that is J

  • Antivirus support – scan for viruses before you download that file, directly from Fresh Download.

If you are tired of waiting for a big file download to be completely downloaded, give Fresh Download a chance. You will never regret it!

Download it from

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rubber Ducky

Hahaha. This is one fun free ware. It can’t get any crazier than this. Can you really imagine, a Rubber Ducky running on top of your system bar, not only functioning just as a desktop enhancements / eye candy, it doubles up as a system monitoring tool!

No more boring Windows Tasks Manager, MimarSinan Rubber Ducky freeware is here!

It’s features:-

  • Eye candy – hahaha, I don’t know if you will stand by me to consider this as a feature, I don’t care, this is my review though :)

  • System Monitoring – in a really fun, creative way! High water level means high memory usage, many fishes indicates high network traffic. There are a few more, download this and find it for yourself! A single interface for system monitoring!

  • Ducky sound – clicking on the Rubber Ducky produces cute, ducky style, sound effect.

Who dares to say that fun freeware can’t be functional as well? Rubber Ducky really defies convention. Try it yourself!

Download it from

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Picasa - Picture Simplicity. This photo management freeware stays true to its tagline. By the way, you can be rest assured for its quality because it’s a freeware by Google, one of the simplest yet powerful search engine around.

Picasa makes it easy for you to manage all the pictures and photo that currently reside in your computer. Upon successful installation, Picasa will search the hard drive for pictures and display it in an easy manner, complete with it’s time and file location.

Moreover, Picasa add some functions to edit those photos, making it easier for photo tweaking enthusiasts to tinker with their photos, eliminating the needs for complex, photo editing software.

Its features:-

  • Ease of use – Picasa will search for all pictures on your hard drive automatically; it even updates itself when new files are available!

  • Star Rating – makes it easier for you to find your picture masterpiece by tagging it with a star.

  • Password protection – key in a password for sensitive pictures, keeping it all for yourself.

  • Edit function – zoom, pan, tilt, remove red eye, sharpen, etc. This will satisfy simple needs for photo editing. Batch editing is also available!

  • Blogger support – put pictures on your Blogger blog with a simple click of that big “B” button.

  • Slide shows – this function is a must nowadays. Picasa is never out of trend.

  • Backup – create backup copies of your precious memories within Picasa. Burn that pictures to a CD!

  • Turn pictures into a movie – experience this yourself. Add titles, time interval delays for pictures to appear, and share it with family and friends.

  • Picture collages – this is a truly original Picasa freeware function. Select multiple pictures and create a collage from it. Amazing!

Picasa is just plain wonderful and easy to use. For user testimonials on its usage, read it here Don’t you dare to miss this bandwagon, use it now!

Download it from

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Do you have a lot of music CDs at home? Ever wonder on how to transfer all the music goodies to your computer so that you can listen it on your favorite mp3 player, such as the QCD Player? Or in technical terms, do you want to find a freeware that can convert all the CD formatted data to MP3 files?

Wonder no more. Download AudioGrabber. It’s one of the easiest CD to MP3 converter (geeks call it MP3 ripper) on the Internet. By selecting the music tracks from it’s menu and click Grab!, you are off to MP3 music wonderland.

Its features:-

  • Easy graphical user interface – push a button to grab CD musics to MP3 files.

  • Other format conversions – you can convert WAV files to MP3 too! Other conversion formats available.

  • Other music source support – if you have a radio / turntable connected to your PC via a soundcard, this freeware will be able to convert the music too!

  • Normalize function – this will help make sounds from the ripped CD louder after the conversion.

There are so many functions in AudioGrabber than you can think off. Music geeks will love to tinker with its various settings but for light listeners like me, I just want to convert my music to MP3, saves my CDs from scratches too!

Download it from

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


LimeWire is one of the best file sharing freeware out there. Unlike BitTorrent, LimeWire use old school peer to peer file sharing, just like the legendary Kazaa. The problem with Kazaa is that it is full of Trojans / spywares that sometimes will render your pc useless. Unlike its predecessor, LimeWire is all about file sharing fun, no ads, no spyware.

The usage is so easy, you don’t even have to read a manual or be a rocket scientist. Just select a category and search. Entries will be categorized in stars. More stars mean many people are sharing the same file, thus speeding your download speed.

Its features:-

  • Ease of use – even the infamous dumb and dumber will know how to operate this freeware
  • No irritations – no ads, Trojans, spywares.
  • Faster network search / connections – they have embraced the “UDP Host Caches” technology in LimeWire, means faster startup and connections.
  • Creative Commons Integration – this software will recognize licensed MP3 or OGG file formats.
  • Proxy and Firewall support – Hooray! Search can be done behind a firewall! Unethical office download users rejoice!
  • Multiple search options – you can search by specifying the file title, artist name, etc. Make your search more specific, spot on.
  • Automatic local network search – this feature will search the same files in networks nearby to you, making downloads faster than before.
  • Integrated chat – chat function seems to be everywhere nowadays, sigh!
  • Download / Upload Peer Limit – limit connections from and towards your PC, preserve bandwidth, enough said.

The best thing that I found about LimeWire is that it can filter junk files that most file sharing programs can’t. Parents, this freeware can also filter adult content search results.

File sharing is better with LimeWire, hope that you enjoy it!

Download it from

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

HTTrack Website Copier

The name above says it all. It's a freeware that copies an entire website or some sections of a website of your choice to your local hard drive so that you can read it offline. The beauty of this website copier is that it will preserve the links that glued all the website together so that you can browse it with peace of mind, without having to pull your hairs, searching for the other HTML files.

HTTrack is most useful when you don' t have an Internet connection at home. You can install it at the office unethically :) , download an entire website of your choice, bring all the files home and use it without worries of missing some important sections of the website.

Other useful features:-

  • Download options - choose to download or not to download certain type of files e.g video files, images etc.

  • Continue interrupted downloads / Update existing website - this feature is an absolute gem. Once you have finished downloading the entire website, you can just update your local copy next week with this feature, saving a lot of bandwidth time.

  • Auto disconnect - disconnects your Internet connection when download has finished. Useful for sluggish dial up connections. Save Internet bills too.

  • Auto shutdown - feeling sleepy? Don't want to wait for HTTrack to finish it tasks? Check this option and get a good night sleep.

  • Link depth support - define how far you want this copier to search for links and download it, either it were internal links or external links (links to other website).

  • Maximum connections - limit HTTrack connection with a sane number, never let it hogs your Internet connection.

There are so many other options that you can tweak to make this freeware runs optimally and I will let you to explore more all by yourself. Basically, it's quite easy to use but I strongly suggest that you limit it's connection or else somebody, somehow will suffer the wrath of office colleagues because of a sudden change in the Internet connection speed of a DSL to a lousy dial up connection.

Download it from

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Rocket Time

Do you know that your PC clock can drift over time? Maybe it will be milliseconds less that the official atomic clock. You may think that who wants a amazingly accurate clock? A simple answer: a geek or a person with an OCD. But do you know that servers with Internet transaction capabilities, database servers, mail servers and some others need this freeware to have accurate time stamps for transactions? They need to rely on that milliseconds you ignore, I assure you that.

But for most home users, having this freeware can also have a positive effect. Yes! You can show off that you have the most accurate time at the office / home! :)

It's easy to install, update and time synchronization is a breeze.

Go ahead, try it yourself for the sake of fun and pride!

Download it from

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Don't Touch My Computer 2

This is the most weird freeware that i have reviewed. It's actually a free screen saver. A fun one. And yes, with a funny name. The screen saver will show you a dog (or should i say cyber-dog) guarding your computer from pesky office mates. The dog will bark and scratch the screen to whoever touches your computer while you were away.

To make it funnier, turn on your PC speakers at full, let the screen saver runs for a few minutes, and pray that somebody will touch that mouse. This practical joke will defeat a screen saver's function though, butyou can use this as a secret plan for the next April 1st.

Try it, fast! And make sure your big boss is not around!

Download it from

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Sunday, March 05, 2006


First, there was Napster. Then Kazaa took over. Some companies are not very happy. They took legal action against file sharing companies. But like rock music, it never dies. BitTorrent continues the urge for file sharing nowadays.

If you don't know what BitTorrent is, check out here It takes some readings to understand how it actually works.

Basically, BitTorrent allows you to create or download a small .torrent files from the Net (maybe some mp3 .torrent file), such as from TorrentSpy (adult supervision required, displayed ads may irritate parents!). Open it with a BitTorrent client, and you are off to download the files shared by people (called peers) from all over the world. BitTorrent unique capability allows you to share (upload / download) files even the files hasn't been fully completed yet!

One of the best BitTorrent file out there is BitComet and of course, it's freeware.

It's features:-

  • Clean and easy - no heart aching spywares / adwares here! Point and click as always.

  • Fast and low CPU usage - it's written in C, that already explains why.

  • Simultaneous downloads / queue - this allows you to create multiple connections to multiple peers, thus increasing download speed. Unfinished downloads can be resumed the next time you are ready to download again.

  • Limit control - you are in total control of your connections, don't let other Torrent users take over your precious bandwidth.

  • Video preview - useful to preview downloaded movies from within the BitComet freeware client.

  • Intelligent features - smart disk caching and connection optimizers let you get maximum performance of BitTorrent capabilities.

  • Firewall and NAT Traversal - this is a very powerful feature, it lets you use BitTorrent behind a firewall. Shhh!

  • IP Blocker - block any unwanted torrent users from getting your shared files.

  • Chat - chat with other BitTorrent users while downloading.

BitComet offers powerful features for the hard core BitTorrent users. It also lets newbies to enjoy how easy to share files over the internet. You really don't want to miss this file sharing band wagon.

Download it from

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Saturday, March 04, 2006


WordWeb is an amazing little freeware tool that looks up meaning of words that you don't know on your computer. It can be seen as a desktop dictionary. Having WordWeb by your side, you don't have to open that big, dusty dictionary of yours to find words that you don't know, you just need to highlight / key in the words, press a hot key and WordWeb instantly works it wonders.

It's features: -

  • Ease of use - key in a word or highlight a word that is so alien to you, press Ctrl + Alt + W , WordWeb at your service!

  • Customizable hot-key - if Ctrl + Alt + W is not that cool, you can set it to other hot-key, maybe Ctrl + Alt + Delete is cooler (please don't try this at home! :) )

  • Synonyms support - it doesn't just find the meanings of a word, WordWeb propose other words that sounds cooler, yes cooler that Smackdown's Carlito.

  • Nouns / Verbs / Adjectives / Adverbs support - key in nouns or verbs or adjectives or adverbs on WordWeb console to find what they means, only if you have trouble remembering ye old English teacher's teachings!

  • Replace function - replace not-so-cool word with WordWeb suggested word with a tap of a button.

WordWeb makes me want to throw my bulky dictionary away. It's damn easy to use and i never doubt that it will make my writings cooler that ever!

Download it from

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