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Friday, February 10, 2006

Startup Inspector

Ever wonder why there are so many icons on your Windows system tray, right after you boot up your Windows machine? Have you ever notice that it slows down your system startup? Do you feel irritated by it? I do. Sometimes you can disable it but sometimes there are tough to remove too.

Even worse, some programs like spywares start up itself when your computer boots up, without showing any tray icons (that's why they call it spywares). It's time to remove those memory hogging / unnecessary programs with Startup Inspector.

What it will do:-

  • Registry scanning - it scans and display programs that runs right after system boot in a sane way, easier to the eyes.

  • Consultation - if you wonder if the programs are necessary or not for the system, click this button and Startup Inspector will shed some lights for you.

  • Easy removal - just tick the programs that you want to disable during startup, just never tick the real time anti-virus scanning, or else...

  • Profiles - you can save profiles in which you can define different type of start-up tasks.

Startup Inspector is one of the freewares that will give you an easier way to control how your computer behaves during startup. Always be in control of your system!

Download it here.

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