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Friday, February 24, 2006

Quad-Lock Unit Converter

A not so typical Trillian Instant Messaging web conference...

Ahmad: Hi John, how's the temperature there?

John: It's quite hot in America. It's about 86.00 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ahmad: How hot is that? In Malaysia, we only measure temperature in Celsius.

John: I only know Fahrenheit since birth. Never heard of Celsius before.

Me: It's 30 degrees Celsius in the US Ahmad. 1 degree Celsius equals to 33.800 Fahrenheit.

Ahmad: Wow, you're so smart.

Me: Of course. I use Quad-Lock Unit Converter to do all the conversions for me! Distances, temperatures. volumes, you name it all. By the way, do you know that Rankine, Kelvin and Reaumur are some of other types of temperature measurement standards?

Ahmad: :(

John: Lucky you. Wouldn't it be better to spend all the money on other useful softwares? Games like FarCry maybe..

Me: Not at all. I didn't spend a cent for it. It's completely freeware. It's freedom at it's best. Just download it from and you're set.

Ahmad: Wow! I don't know that it's free! Thanks!

John: Thanks man. Any more fantastic freebies?

Me: Of course! Just visit for more! Don't forget to bookmark the site too! It's full of free softwares!

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